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Grand Plaza Base kitchen

The Grand plaza base kitchen is intuitively designed to be process oriented so as to give our customers highly efficient services while answering every concern for a tidy work ambience. We believe that the quality of food is something which should be never compromised, thus in order to maintain standardization in our prepared dishes that maintains the richness of taste in all of them; we have one centralized kitchen. It is equipped to render the needs of all the banquets as our skillful professionals use their managerial expertise to finish every pending order in the required time frame with outstanding proficiency.

The unique state of the art design of our base kitchen makes it possible for us to cater a guest list of over ten thousands guests over any given time and over any given location. Thus the growing number of guests to serve never seems to be a problem as far as the base kitchen is concerned. Our chefs could be stated as the modern masters of cooking as they are exceptionally proficient in their culinary skills and thrive in preparing outstanding dishes that are a treat for both your eyes and your taste buds.

Above all, we focus on creating dishes that are not just an epitome of good taste but also an exemplification of an immaculate standardized service. Thus we focus on maintaining international hygiene standards in our workspace so that we could provide our customers with outstanding preparation of their favorite dishes while giving an impeccable cooking service.